Seated Couple

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This delightful two-seated figure, from the early classic period (200-700A.D.) of Teotihuacan in central Mexico is made of terra-cotta is sometimes referred to as “The Lovers”. They are made in a mold, hand detailed and finished in a burnished red. 6″x 6.25″. Comes with description card.

The ruins of Teotihuacan archaeological site are among the most remarkable in Mexico. The site was inhabited from around 200 B.C. until its collapse almost one thousand years later. This ancient site is enveloped in mysteries that add to its intrigue and appeal. The name of the site, which means “place of the gods,” comes from the Aztecs. By the time of the Aztec civilization, Teotihuacan had already been abandoned for hundreds of years, but the Aztecs considered it a sacred place full of myths and legends.