Invisible Beauty Scarves

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"Invisible Beauty" takes a microscopic view of art and artifacts from across the world revealing valuable information and hidden beauty previously unseen. 
Using photographs taken from this unique perspective, we have created a series of beautiful three season, made in the USA, sheer scarves. Bone, clay, roof tile and an ancient Egyptian Falcon are transformed into haunting patterns and swirling galaxies revealing the hidden worlds all around us. Show your love of art, archeology, and science by wearing one of these beautiful scarves.

Image 1: Guanaco Bone ca. 7000 BCE, Cuncaincha, Peru. By Katherine Moore
Image 2: Minerals in Clay Cooking Pot 1967 CE, Solomon Islands. By Marie-Claude Boileau
Image 3: Falcon Figure ca. 945-712 BCE, Thebes, Egypt. By Tessa de Alacron