Geometric Gold Finials Necklace

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From the collection of the Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford

Greek (Corinth), In Ancient Greece, hair was considered to be a beautiful, important fashion statement to both men and women. Hair jewellery had been known since the time of Homer, who described the different styles in his writings. While the traditional leaf wreath is more commonly associated with ancient
Greeks, pieces like this geometric gold hair-brooch with flat finials, found in a tomb in Corinth, were also quite common. Later, fine Roman hairnets were in use, made of pure gold, studded with jewels such as rubies or pearls

Accession number: AN1927.1329, Sir Arthur John
Evans (1851 - 1941) collection

Materials: brass finials and snake chain with gold finish. Chain length: 18 inches

Made in the USA