History of the World in 1000 Objects

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Appreciate world history a different way – through 1000 objects.

Featuring 200 objects from the Penn Museum, with an included adendum showing what page each of our objects is on, this fascinating book shows items ranging from a Viking wooden comb and ivory chessmen to modern phones, refrigerators, and cars. You will see how people through history have lived, clothed, and entertained themselves; how they have cooked, fought, married, and died. 

Learn about history through iconic documents such as the Magna Carta, or symbols of imperial might such as the Taj Mahal. See funeral masks and tomb paintings that tell of the makers’ views on religion, death, and the afterlife. And appreciate humanity’s extraordinary inventiveness as you enjoy a parade of beautiful objects that includes exquisite Chinese porcelain, Stradivarius musical instruments, and Renaissance art. 

History of the World in 1000 Objects is a treasure trove of human creativity that brings alive civilizations and cultures in an unforgettable way.